Initiation and planning phase

Initiation and planning phase

  1. Organization of the project Kick-off Meeting (M1),
  2. Start-up of different get-together initiatives and discussions among all co-directors and their teams, and exchange of know-how
  3. List and purchase of all consumables needed for the beginning of the project
  4. Carrying out first initiatives for project communication to the public
  5. Development of regulations for application of a battery of standard and novel techniques for bioengineering as well as validation of the planned methods for genotoxicity testing



The elaboration of a “ready-to-use” detector for routine field-employable genotoxicity surveillance will be achieved by outlining and executing the following research tasks.

  1. Design and creation of bioengineered cells sensitive to miniscule concentrations of genotoxins
  2. Probing the bioengineered cells for elevated sensitivity to laboratory genotoxins
  3. Development of special biopolymers in order to:

3.1. Achieve thin microgels with embedded cells,

3.2. Conserve the cells alive for a long period,

3.3. Maintain them tractable to genotoxins,

3.4. Allow sensitive testing of a large set of laboratory genotoxins

  1. Invention of a high-throughput, energy efficient, low cost system for power supply as well as a smart gear to assure fast field-employable detector application
  2. Development of computer algorithm for quick data analysis allowing sensitive, robust and point-of-care genotoxicity detection
  3. Application of the device on field:

6.1. Building a portable detector

6.2. On-field genotoxicity detector probing

6.3. Implementation of the detector during medical and military training activities

6.4. Presentations, discussions and analyses with end-users and experts

6.5. Improvement and application of new developments and modifications of the device


The final stage of the project marks its completion. It is a pinnacle milestone and involves the participation of all co-directors and its main deliverable is the Final Project report. The objective is to successfully complete the project, to disseminate the obtained results and communicate them to scientific and public community as well as to successfully report to the SPS advisory board all undertaken actions, expenditures and activities during the whole project period. The main activities will include:

  1. Update of all documents, namely all project interim and final scientific and financial reports.
  2. Final project meeting
  3. The main deliverable of the whole project implementation will be the field employable detector for genotoxicity which will be presented to the public in its final version
  4. Seminars, meetings, public lectures are organized during project closing phase in order disseminate and communicate the obtained results