The independent science evaluation by prof. Diana Adliene

Milestones and Deliverables

The independent science evaluation by prof. Diana Adliene appointed by NATO for NATO G5266 project took place in Sofia and Plovdiv on 8th and 9th July. The visit by Prof. Adliene followed a well organized program by Prof. Miloshev and his team and included:Visit to the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics at the Institute of Molecular Biology-BAS where the development of the portable detector for genotoxins was demonstrated with lectures, discussions and hands-on-experiments activities. Prof. Adliene approached the team with curious and meandering questions and this developed a fruitful discussion of the project, the time schedule and its tasks as well.  A meeting followed at Telerik academy with the software developers Jordan Darakchiev and Teodor Panayotov. They are partners to the project and are involved in software development for image recognition of comet images.
Mr. Jens Bauer took part in this meeting and was fascinated by the development of the project. His sincere words were “It is a breakthrough!”. The last encouraged all members of the team and indeed was a good feedback noticed with the eyes of the industry and such a high level professional like Mr. Jens Bauer.
A visit to the Ministry of Education and Science opened the second day of prof. Adliene visit. The Deputy Minister Denitza Sacheva was so kind to welcome us and take part in fruitful discussions about the future implementation of the project. She also provided new ideas for continuation of the project and implementation of the device for genotoxins to the food safety field especially in primary and high schools.
The Medical university in Plovdiv welcomed us in the afternoon with a round-table discussion for the role of the university as an end-user to the project. Visits to the new equipped simulation and technology centers followed with the main idea to not only demonstrate facilities but also give thoughts for future collaborations among partners, end-users and policy makers