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The Institute of Molecular Biology „Acad. Roumen Tsanev” at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IMB-BAS) is the leading national research institution in the area of Molecular and Cellular biology and Biochemistry. IMB is a member of UNESCO Global Network for Molecular and Cell Biology since 1995. Institutional web page

Goce Delcev University in Stip, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is a state university, established by the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia on 27 March 2007, ranked in the second place in the rankings of state universities in the country. Institutional web page

Afyon Kocatepe University, Turkey, was founded in 1992, and started the educational activities at 1992-1993 academic year. However, the history of university goes back to 1974 with Afyonkarahisar Finance and Accounting High School, a branch of Eskişehir Economics and Trading Sciences Academy. Institutional web page

City University New York Graduate Center, Institute for Macromolecular Assemblies, CUNY, Biology Department, College of Staten Island, CUNY, USA. Websites:

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Atlantic Club in Bulgaria (ACB) The formation of the ACB in 1991 was triggered by a parliamentary speech by Dr. Solomon Passy M.P. in August 1990. Institutional web page